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Harness the Power of Amanita Muscaria

Some call it a miracle, we call it science.

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Mushroom Capsules


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Looking for some Amanita Muscaria that doesn’t hold back? Our capsules boast an impressive 10,000mg in each capsule, making for a simple way to experience the unique and robust benefits of this trippy shroom. Although the dosage sounds intense, it's perfectly proportioned for the capsule form.

Our Amanita Muscaria capsules pack a bit of punch. With 10,000mg of this legal mushroom in each capsule, it works to promote ease, calm, and relaxation, with the potential for a slightly euphoric feeling. It’ll give you a more robust experience than our 500mg gummies, but without overwhelming the senses. Each pack includes three capsules 


Amanita Muscaria, or the Fly Agaric mushroom, is known for its distinctive look and rich history of use for its unique effects. This mushroom contains muscimol, a chemical compound that interacts with the GABAA receptors in your brain. Unlike the more well-known psilocybin or psilocin, this mushroom is much more gentle. And because these compounds are not a controlled substance, it’s completely legal. 


The extraction process is what helps this mushroom truly shine. Mushroom products, and Amanita Muscaria in particular, have a reputation for causing stomach upset when ingested. We’ve overcome that with our unique solventless extraction process. By shattering the cell wall, we’re able to extract more of the valuable compounds, boost bioavailability, and remove unnecessary components of the mushroom. The result is a truly exceptional product.

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All-natural, minimal ingredients, making for an easy-to-take capsule for your use.


Made with our pure Amanita Mushroom extract, each capsule contains 10,000mg.

Precisely dosed for the best experience with each use.


Each pack contains three capsules.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

100+ reviews

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Read popular questions asked by customers just like you, Don't forget to check out our resources to discover the wold of Amanita Muscaria! Need more help? Visit our Customer Service Center

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